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We all produce content everyday.

Whatever the medium, be it words, pictures, video, or holograms; we are all exchanging ideas in some way. In this day and age, it is difficult to make an impression with all the advertisements, billboards, and competition in the marketplace. But lucky for you, people don’t engage with those archaic forms of advertising anymore.

Sure they each serve a purpose, but wouldn’t you rather have some kind of conversation with a business before choosing to do business with them? Don’t you want to know that you’re dealing with experts? I certainly do! That’s what your consumers want as well. Flashy images and great design qualities are important features to grab people’s attention, but then what? Hope for the phone to ring? Walk-ins? Maybe a little but if you really want to have explosive growth then you need to engage them first!

With the rise in people using mobile devices to find new businesses, products, and services, companies who want to get the edge in the marketplace are investigating professional content marketing services.

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Finding a content marketing company that takes quality seriously, and uses the best and brightest content creation specialists to generate accurate and search-relevant material isn’t impossible. I know for a fact there are lots of amazing companies in our backyard that do a darn good job of producing content. But most of them stop right there. Creating the content marketing materials is only a part of web marketing. Make sure the firm is going to go the whole 10 yards!

Your content marketing company should first and foremost do one heck of an investigation before they even get started building content. They need to not only research your business model and local markets, but also sniff out everything there is to know about your competition and overall industry. Only then can they truly understand what it will take to get you top ranking results from you content marketing efforts.

That is the whole point right, to have top ranking results?

Ok, they have a great understanding of my business and have produced some awesome content, now what?

If they are a truly great content marketing company then they are going to have a great content marketing strategy for deployment and use of the content they deliver. Just like with old-school advertising like billboards, the more your content marketing can be seen the better chance you have of prospect engagement, customer conversion, and repeat and referral business.

The coolest part about this strategy component is that there is built in search engine optimization service going on here. All the places that get a dose of your content should be high-ranking article sites, business directories, and social bookmarking sites, just to name a few. They should all link and lead people right back to the source; YOU!

Content really is the King but you need to get the king out of the castle and spread around the kingdom if you want the most out of it.

Getting Results

A great research investigation, awesome content, and solid link building strategy are all part and parcel to getting top search results and cashing in on the free organic traffic that search engines can provide to your business. Don’t buy from providers that just offer bits and pieces. Contract an agency that will blend these together in their service offerings. I can’t think any company like that off the top of my head… *hint hint* - It's Global Web Advisors!

Without a content marketing company, you may be left in the dust when it comes to getting the visibility and exposure you need to bring your business to the next level. Take advantage of our diagnostics, our specialized search and optimization tools, and our content marketing creation when it comes time to engage with modern consumers and getting your business where they can see it!  

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Have a four-alarm web marketing emergency?

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