Business Success Through A Content Marketing Blog

There are many paths to business success, and we are not here to preach to you about all the ways your business is failing. But there are some things you should know in order to help it get more traffic.  Have you ever heard of a content marketing blog?  

Do you know how a content marketing blog can make the difference between being lost somewhere in the back of the pack or being one of the top options for search engines to display?

Believe it or not EVERY kind of business has something to create content about. But the vast majority of websites stop getting new content shortly after going live. Lots of people think that they can just build a website and sit back and wait for it to rain pennies from the heavens. Perhaps it’s because fifteen years ago a single page website could get you what you needed but a few trillion pages of content later, things have gotten just a tad bit more competitive.

It takes daily hard work and dedication to create, publish and promote your business content marketing. Unfortunately for small business owners, most don’t have the time or know-how to put the concepts to work.

Simple solution- hire us to do it for you!  

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What is a content marketing blog?

Content marketing blogs, when properly executed can be an incredible source of new customers and a great way to get out in front of your competition as the expert in the local industry. Content marketing blogs should entice searchers to engage with the business by supporting interesting facts, industry news, or teaching people “how to”.

More importantly your content marketing blog should the right keywords, tags, and titles that will bring it to the top of the page. Try to think of these article-landing pages like any other form of marketing; the more you have all over the better your chance of exposure! A content marketing blog is a service we provide to help improve the traffic to your website.  

The concept behind the content marketing blog is specifically designed using a professional content creation team.  When you work with Global Web Advisors, we work closely with your business to develop a profile of keywords, based on regional and industry search data. We create an in depth analysis to find the most relevant terms for your specific business and build a content marketing blog around these terms. To give you a better idea, if you operate a dental business, then some of the keywords that are relevant to your business would be: local dentist, dentures service, dental check-ups, best dentist in Atlanta, and/or many others.  We use our tools to analyze the search terms related to your business and your region to take a snapshot of the searches that are taking place.

Once we have the snapshot, we take the material and write a content marketing blog using the specific keywords. We don’t just do this once or twice per month; we publish new content on your site every day!

Getting Results

There are no smoke and mirrors when it comes to getting results since this is a simple input - output procedure based on the science used by search engines.  When the content marketing blogs are published in your content management system or website the keywords appear with a certain density so as to be listed on the search engine results. 

Then we promote your content by linking it to other sites. The combination of quality content marketing and high value backlinks is impossible to beat and is the path to long lasting success in the modern mobile era. When the content marketing blog gets on the front page – you get traffic from interested searchers that where looking for exactly what you have!      

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