People are natural explorers.  If not for our inquisitive nature how could we have come so far, so fast? So many great explorations. What a fitting tagline for earth.

Every exploration is a story. And a story is the most powerful tool we have available.

A story can be anything and everything, all or nothing, can inspire, create, or destroy. Stories are as old as time and to this day are the primary way we share, educate, debate or entertain.

We tell stories for everything. The only thing that’s really changed is the distribution and delivery technology we’ve developed.

THIS is how we get to tell stories now.

We grab the audience by the senses and bring them into the moment.

As explorers in the information age, we naturally discover on Search or Social Media and see or hear descriptions or read reviews. But more and more, we want the instantaneous experience of all that is possible.

To be immersed in information and it mean something to our individual interests or needs.

Interactive 360Web is the next evolution of content. The applications go far beyond content marketing. A custom and interactive virtual tour is an environment used to captivate and educate - helping students, citizens and consumers all to build an instant connection.

Think of it as a visual "choose your own adventure" platform that is just starting to gain traction with some of the worlds biggest brands and governments.

As VR - virtual reality, AR - augmented reality and MR - mixed reality continue to grow, (by an estimated 6000% between now and 2020*), the opportunities for this sort of brand or image narrative will increase and expand.  Companies and Universities will see widespread adoption and use in corporate training, educational materials and marketing campaigns.

Cities, States and Nations will explore a new type of transparency marketing to enhance economic development, tourism and historical preservation.

Thought leaders, CEO’s, politicians and public figures can now invite their target audience right into their offices or locations, introduce their ideas, products or values, and drive conversions like nothing ever before.

Very recently, in Brazil, a National Museum was destroyed by fire.  An incalculable amount of human history and artistic wealth was lost forever.  This technology isn’t only about sparking interest or attracting visits, but creates a chance at preserving some of the things that our civilization may take for granted.

A 360web interactive virtual tour can permanently open the doors of any business, school, city or public site to the world on demand.  

When people see this sort of work they know without a doubt that the decision makers behind the project are future forward thinkers.  It enhances the image and credibility of literally anything and creates instant emotional and mental trust.

Someday we may indeed have created simulated realities or games that are indistinguishable from real life. It seems we are well on our way down that road.

Until then, we will be producing and managing projects that captivate and inspire the hearts and minds of people from our little corner of the VR universe.

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