Case Study - Web Design

Client: Affairs By Pinehurst


A quick build GoDaddy website builder tool solution with little conversion and high bounce rates.

The client had previously managed their own website with a GoDaddy builder tool website solution. It was no longer serving their needs and they desired more flexibility on where to put certain galleries. It was also limiting them on what they could present to their potential customers - i.e. their menu and their event space imagery. 

The client also felt the design was outdated. 

The main desire was for something modern and something that would be mobile-ready and capable, since the majority of the traffic Google Analytics was reporting was coming from mobile devices. This greatly plagued the client as their quick build GoDaddy solution wasn't able to hold up on mobile and they knew this was affecting their conversion rate.

In addition, the client was looking for a website that their potential customers would stay on to learn about their facility, their pricing, their menu, and their overall event organization. Their analytics were also reporting a very high bounce rate, meaning the traffic they were getting would not stay long to learn more about what they did. This was a major concern of theirs. 

Since the client did little to no outbound marketing, their website was the main source of their income and bookings. Therefore, they required a more effective way of booking as their old website had the generic contact form (name, email, phone, message). They requested an ability to customize the contact form.


In addition to taking into account their specific requests for a customizable website, we also designed the site to be mobile friendly first, then desktop ready. 

We took into account load speeds to ensure that customers viewing their site on mobile would have a quick and readily accessible experience. 

Our design didn't limit the fields they desired on contact forms or with functions pertaining to their menu, specials, or gallery. 



Our main goals for this client was to have the functionality of the site meet their needs of a lower bounce rate and higher conversion traffic. 

To lower the bounce rate, we decreased load speeds and increased mobile browsing ease with items such as circle imagery to mimic buttons and an easy to navigate menu. 

To increase conversion efforts, we increased elements on the website for visibility. In addition to separating specific menu options and pricing therefore,  we also included a "specials" section of the website and clarified differences between facility services and the catering portion of this client's business. This also ensured that customers who were researching other event venues would return. The return rate jumped from an original 6-7% to over 20% regularly.


Due to the nature of this client's business (i.e. an event venue), they also opted to include a Google 360 Virtual Tour with their new website purchase. 

Not only has this increased their visibility of their facility for those that visit their website, but also for those who simply Google "event facilities" in their local area.  



Ultimately, a very satisfied client, which is always our goal. This client manages their own website and touches base with us regarding their site only for functionality upgrades and  add-on questions, as well as the occasional "can I do this" question. 

"It's been a complete change. We get many compliments on our website and people tell us it's the easiest website to find information on in the events facility industry here locally. We've also gotten tons of calls saying that they've seen our Google virtual tour and that our facility is beautiful.

It was a pleasure working with Anne on our website and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a new website, especially if you think yours is past it's prime. I'm never going back to a web builder! This website is very easy to use... even for those of us a little less tech savy!

Thanks Anne and Global Web Advisors. See you soon! - Lynda Dubbs, Owner