Businesses need to optimize their presence not only for search engines like Google, but more importantly than ever, they need good customer experience optimization.

Optimization for Businesses & Brands

The days of stuffing keywords into a page just to rank #1 are over.  Today's search engines are smarter and rank pages for better overall user experience. Besides, who cares what Google thinks if you can't convert the traffic into customers.

Website Optimization

Having a website or content management system that is search engine optimized is still important to most businesses.

Customer Experience

These days search engines look for great user experience as a key ranking factor. Always focus on the customer.

Content Optimization

Web content needs to guide users to engage with the brand. It also needs to be easy for search engines to digest.

Authority Optimization

It’s a popularity contest and all other things being equal, this wins every time. The right links build authority that lasts.

Search Engine Rankings

Showing up in 100's of possible searches can beat a 1-2 keyword strategy anytime. Investing in this can mean endless traffic.

User Flow Optimization

Analytics and traffic data are more than just stats. Making it easier for users to engage is a constant effort for most brands.

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